What is Ambulatory Detox?

Ambulatory Detox is a outpatient medically managed withdrawal from addictive substances.  It is the first step in the substance use disorder treatment process that will ultimately lead to your recovery.  It is less-restrictive and far more cost-effective than an inpatient program.  Most clients find that they are able to return to regular responsibilities, work and school right away or in a few days.

Symptoms and treatment are monitored closely by a medical doctor specializing in addiction as well as our licensed team of counselors and therapists.   The medication regimens used in our ambulatory detox are essentially the same as those proven to be most helpful in inpatient settings, such as Suboxone, (Subutex, Buprenorphine) and Librium tapers.

Ambulatory detox eliminates some of the typical barriers to treatment. In the past, such barriers have included:

1.High cost of inpatient treatment and lost wages for time off from work.

2.Time constraints

3.Stigma and negative consequences both socially and at work.

Ambulatory Detox removes these barriers and increases the chance for a successful recovery.  You won’t need to take extended time off.  You can detox in the privacy of your own home!

How do I know if Ambulatory Detox is right for me?

Basic eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Regularly use a substance that requires medically-assisted detox
  • Have the intention to receive appropriate relapse prevention treatment after detox
  • Availability of an adult friend or family member to have some involvement in your detox treatment.

Certain exclusion that apply are pregnancy, serious withdrawal complications under treatment in the past, and certain serious medical conditions.  Addiction is a complex disease.

Call us today at  (801) 212-9591 and one of our counselors will provide a free phone screening.  Our counselor will briefly review your medical history, substance use history and any underlying co-occurring issues.

Not all treatment programs will provide the type and level of care that will best serve your needs.  Our goal is for every client to have a successful recovery.  If we determine you are not a good candidate for Ambulatory Detox, we will refer you to a more suitable detox program in the area.

What will it be like to detox?

Withdrawal symptoms vary depending on many factors.  Learn more Here.

What will my experience be going through Ascendant’s Ambulatory Detox program?

Each step of the process is described Here.