Shannon Lindstrom clinical program director LCSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Shanna Lindstrom
Clinical Director/LCSW
Through building programs, training other clinicians, and working with people individually, I help people construct a life of excellence where they can experience enlightenment and joy on a regular basis. When I see a person’s personal transformation, relief, and belief in possibility, it touches my heart and permeates my soul. It is my purpose.

I combine the knowledge I obtained from graduate school at the University of Utah, where I received my Master of Social Work degree, with real-life experiences to transform the lives of others. While I appreciate the superb education, I received from a world class university, I believe it is the hardships I have endured which have placed me in a unique position to understand people on a deeper level. Through these experiences and many more, I have come to embrace the fact no one is perfect – and it’s better that way.

Personal notes:
Now I have a busy but beautiful life as a wife, mother, and therapist. I enjoy learning, personal growth, spending time with family, reading, and especially traveling. I love to travel to the places I find most interesting. This allows me to have no problem enduring my friends teasing about the fact that I’ve been to nine countries, but never stepped foot in Disneyland.

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