Dr. Leon Butler is a world class psychologist dedicated to helping people find the answers they need to achieve increased functioning and optimal mental health.

Dr. Butler cares deeply about all people. He is a patient and thorough guide for everyone he works with.

Dr. Butler received outstanding undergraduate education form Brigham Young University.  He studied groundbreaking research in the field of mental health earning a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Auburn University.

He regularly engages in cutting edge research and education to further his knowledge and solidify his commitment to provide exceptional psychological interventions and testing to his patients

Shanna Lindstrom
Clinical Director
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Do you have questions about why you struggle in certain areas of your personal, social and work or academic life?  Do you behave in ways which are confusing to you?  Do you have the same questions, but regarding your child?

If so, testing will provide you with answers. Answers that will enable you to learn how to function at levels previously thought unattainable, provide you with resources you didn’t know existed, and help you achieve your dreams.

In addition to testing, Ascendant Behavioral health can provide a wide array of therapeutic, medication management, and wellness services.

You’ve been searching, confused and frustrated long enough. The wait is over. It’s time to stop surviving and start thriving. 

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All testing services include at least 1 appointment to complete tests and a second appointment to review the results and determine next steps.

Initial Intake and Assessment- Typically a 1 hour appointment to begin identifying concerns and determine if specific psychological tests or other treatment is recommended.  The goal in this appointment is to help you get to a point where you know where to go from here. 

Full Psychological Evaluation-  This is an  8 to 10 hour extensive evaluation of overall functioning including personality and intelligence.  Evaluations may include Wechsler Intelligence Scale, Beck or CDI Anxiety and Depression Inventories, PAL or Minnesota Multi-phasic Personality Inventory  and Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) to create stories from pictures.

Autism- Typically a 4 hour appointment using ADOS.

ADHD- Typically a 3 hour appointment using Brown Attention Deficit Disorder Scale, CPT and Vanderbilt Scale.

Neuropsychological/Executive Functioning- Typically a 3 hour appointment using Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status (RBANS) and Wisconsin Card Sort.

Academic Testing- Typically a 5 hour appointment that also requires collateral input from teachers.  Testing usually includes Woodcock-Johnson III Normative Update (NU) tests of achievement and intelligence testing.

Substance Use Testing/Evaluation- Typically at least a 2 hour appointment using SASSI and AUDIT with PAI as needed.