Your Mental Health Deserves Attention

taking care of mental health

In uncertain times such as health pandemics, economic instability and political discord, we all are at risk of mental health struggles.  These struggles can easily become more and more impactful if we aren’t addressing our mental well-being. Physical health concerns seem to be easier to address as we watch what we eat and exercise regularly. But how do we take care of our mental health? Practicing mindfulness and meditation are certainly helpful- if you know how to do it.

There may be more help needed.  Especially if you’re struggling to shed the negative influence that trauma or life disruption can have in your life.  Meeting with a mental health professional can help.  Getting help should not be thought of negatively.

Some of us see personal trainers when physical fitness hits a rough spot, some of us see personal dieticians when the nutrition world becomes confusing. Our mental health is a part of our personal life experience and deserves the same attention our physical, spiritual or social life deserve.

If you or a loved one is struggling, reach out to see if a mental health provider is the right fit to help overcome life challenges. Appointments can be done in our office or over a Zoom telehealth call with your smart phone or computer.  For an appointment, call or text Ascendant Behavioral Health at (801) 872-5516.  We have offices throughout Utah in Salt Lake, Lehi and St. George. Our caring staff is here for you.

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John Walters