Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy-

a groundbreaking alternative treatment for depression, anxiety and PTSD

Up to 70% percent of clinically depressed or anxious people are responsive to anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medications and are able to find some degree of relief.  However, the remaining 30% of people with these diagnoses, find little or no relief from medication.  They spend years trying to find different treatment options or are told that their condition is resistant to treatment. Sadly, many give up finding effective treatment.

Ketamine is an FDA approved medication originally used as an anesthetic.  In recent years, low doses of Ketamine combined with psychotherapy have been studied and shown to be a groundbreaking alternative treatment for depression, anxiety and PTSD.

At Ascendant, clients that may be candidates for Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) first meet with a therapist and then a medical provider to determine eligibility for the program.  Once in the KAP program, our medical and therapy team will administer oral ketamine tablets and closely monitor the process to create a personalized approach.  The dose may be adjusted as well as frequency, and time in between sessions based on each individual’s needs and goals.

KAP has the potential to create a non-ordinary state of consciousness, facilitating a profound transpersonal or peak experience and potential for change. These sorts of peak experiences have been shown to expand one’s sense of self, understanding of existence, and ability to access healing wisdom. Ascendant’s providers facilitate a structured, supportive therapeutic environment for the client to achieve the most beneficial impact.

In the majority of cases, Ketamine is effective for patients that are resistant to standard treatments. Often, clients feel a relief of their depression symptoms after the very first dose!

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