Take Control of Anxiety and Depression


If you find yourself struggling with symptoms of depression and or anxiety, it may be helpful to see a mental health professional who may be able to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Southern Utah is a unique geographical setting with year-round access to the desert and red cliff beauty. Mental health at times can be overlooked as a result of the external stimulation that can distract us from addressing underlying serious concerns.

Once concerns are identified and individualized treatment plan is developed that may include approaches to coping skills development, trauma treatment techniques that are research based and medication management, if needed.  In most cases, sessions are covered by insurance.

Not sure if you are chronically depressed?  See depression signs and symptomsNot sure if you are overly anxious?  Read more about Anxiety .

For an appointment, call or text Ascendant Behavioral Health at (801) 872-5516. We have offices throughout Utah in Salt Lake, Lehi and St. George.  We offer both telehealth and in-person appointments.

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John Walters