etween heaven and earth, the head of Xu and tens of thousands of Xiuzhen Thank you, Master, for your help. Yes, ah Liu Bi, you told us to go back, Pu Yuan Road, just want to ask the whole thing is how the matter. Xue Zhiping also soft down, in fact, he is the most do not want Liu Bi rough He also expected Liu Bi can become his disciples of the courtyard, in order to crack down on the smelter, and Liu Bi naturally will not be the relationship between stiff. But he is worried that Liu Bi because of this matter in mind, do not want to return to the Sanqing Daozong. No why Liu Bi Yuan Yuan long after being wounded, but fled five escape door, and hide their own traces Even t. he door did not have contact This makes the hearts of Xue Zhiping a trace of unease, a plan to see the success, but because of an accident may fail uneasiness. He does not allow this failure Liu Bi is Oracle Certification Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer it exam still a bitter smile, slowly drawn out of the hand so that Nabi took his arm, said Go back and tell Pu Yuan Road, long bar, he shot hurt me, read him in the three Qing Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer Dynasty were I do not think he is going to leave Sanqing Daozong. In order to make the butterflies and Xue Zhiping not react, Kou Zhun is a bright eyes, hi cut and shouted Ha I know Liu Bi you want to defection of Sanqing Road Say it This This is really what master I did not get it wrong Nabi face could not

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