s possible here, to SH, I will be there for you to prepare a new home. Murong stars see all things are successful, inner Could not help but very excited. Next, he and Fahrenheit talked about IBM Power Systems it exam a lot of various treasures of the world s anecdotes, to Murong stars full of economic and beyond the ordinary knowledge, he said the words not help the eyes and ears of the Chinese family for this new, that happy Department, Hua Yuan Lin from time to time will applaud applause. After dinner, they talked in the living room for a few hours, until the guests and guests to enjoy, they have to sleep. Murong stars acco. rding to the meaning, he was ready to go back to the hotel to sleep or go home. Can Cheng Wensheng and his son would not say anything to say, must be in his home on a night. Non Murong stars to play in this a few days can not be. The last Murong stars to his company a few days after the reorganization will be renamed, Hua Yuan Lin promised to let Murong stars tomorrow to IBM Certification go. The next morning, Murong star just wake up from the set, it sensed that in the Chinese villa, there are many suspicious characters appear. He quickly sent out the soul, and immediately identify these characters are all small R country that the IBM Power Systems whole Tokugawa hook vector ninja men, but at the moment they are all for ordinary people dress up. I did not expect this little R Devils still have a sort of ability, just one day more time to doubt my

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
000-601 IBM System z Solution sales V5 IBM IBM Power Systems
000-602 IBM System z Technical Support V4 IBM IBM Power Systems
000-765 Systems Management Technical V1 IBM IBM Power Systems
M4040-502 Power Systems with IBM i Sales Professional - v2 IBM IBM Power Systems
M4040-503 Power Systems with IBM i Technical Sales Professional - v2 IBM IBM Power Systems
M4040-512 Power Systems with AIX Sales Professional - v2 IBM IBM Power Systems
M4040-513 Power Systems with AIX Technical Sales Professional - v2 IBM IBM Power Systems