ed, if so, then no meaning. After all, although such a space is not likely to produce biological, but it is not entirely impossible. I will be so fuss Purple stare asked, and then said, That three space behind, there is a creature, they Cisco Business Value Specialist wandered in the dark, I almost Road, that biological is very strong, but for my Cisco Business Value Specialist it exam skills It is estimated that you can not see me now, and there is one less hero in this circle. OK, do not old to my defeat of evil things to your head buckle buckle. Jiang understand a purple stare. Since the emperor was defeated, purple stare that he was the biggest credit. Because he Cisco Certification had Jiang Ming from the mouth of sin to save out. They fly close to the black hole, the black hole came a suction, but for two people, this gravity is nothing. The two directly from the three space I saw wearing the past, immediately a pressure came from around. Jiang Ming slowly waved a white cover purple stare, purp. le stare nodded. Jiang Ming is the first time into the black hole, not as he thought the general around is completely black. That black in the distribution of some light, but the light emitted by these points can not be far. So can not form Guanghua, but Kankan can see near the light body only. Those spots are mostly better texture of the metal, or some of the broken space to fly out of things are compressed smaller after the produce. Come Purple stunned even more than Jiang Ming first thing to feel close. Jiang Ming immed

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